Ladder Belt

Most commonly used in bakeries, ladder belting is a positively sprocket driven belt which can be used for bends (90 and 180 Degree) as well as straight running applications. It’s lightweight and basic configuration makes it a very economic and cost-effective style of belting for many different environments.

The simple, open design provides efficient operation with minimum maintenance as well as facilitating easy and thorough cleaning.

Advantages include a flat uniform surface for gentle product handling, high tensile rods which resist permanent distortion and reduce down-time, positive sprocket drive to ensure there are no tracking issues, smooth edges for easy movement around radial bends, u-bar filler rods available for increased product support and easy belt assembly and disassembly due to its simple open construction.

Where transportation of smaller products is required these belts can be supplied with a mesh overlay.

Typical applications include cooking, icing, breading, cooling, filling, inspection and general material handling.