Plastic Modular




The 50mm pitch series of belts with its many pattern variations together with facility to add cross flights and side-plates, as well as side-chains means that most conveying requirements can be resolved in many industries from light engineering to food processing.

The lighter duty construction of the 3″(76.2mm) and 4″(101.6mm) pitch series offer alternative patterns to the 50mm pitch series and although extensively used for food processing are also ideally suited for many applications in other industries.



50mm Pitch Series

M7 ModuleM7 – Slotted

M8 ModuleM8 – Perforated

M9 ModuleM9 – Solid Top (Recessed Back)

M9a ModuleM9A – Solid Top/Back (Covered knuckle)



50mm Pitch Series




M7 50mm Pitch Slotted

M8 Perforated with crossflight and sidechain