Balanced Spiral



The balanced spiral weave is the most common design for friction driven belts.
It is suggested for first consideration in all applications unless particular design requirements dictate the use of another type of belt.
Providing the widest variety of strengths, meshes, wire sizes and surface characteristics this design of belt is easily tracked and may be used at elevated temperatures.
Mesh choice is nearly unlimited but is dependant upon the requirements of the intended application, product weight and support requirements, as well as process temperature.



Balanced Spiral BS-The standard straight running design of single alternate right and left hand coils with a crimped rod to retain the original belt shape. available with apertures from as small as 2.4mm.


Balanced Spiral Positive Drive BSPD- Balanced spiral positive drive mesh is manufactured to match positive drive sprockets


Balanced Spiral Flattened WireBSF- Balanced spiral using flattened wire for the spirals only, round wire used for crimp


Balanced Spiral with straight pinsIBS- Alternate single right and left hand coils, with straight rods which can allow for a closer pitch across the width.


Chain Edged Balanced spiralChain Driven-Chain Driven Product Page


Double spiral balanced weaveDB-Double Balanced-Double Balanced Product Page



Selvedge Options

Welded SelvedgeWelded


Laddered SelvedgeLaddered (Not available on all specifications)


U Pin SelvedgeU-Pin (Not available on all specifications)




Balanced Spiral Image 1

Balanced Spiral Image 2

Balanced Spiral Image 3