Chain Driven



Chain driven metal mesh belts should be considered whenever timing, transfer or positive belt drive is important. This includes applications incorporating inclined travel, heavy loads, long distance conveying, through quenching liquids, cooking oils or other slippery conditions.

Any mesh can be used on the basis of what is needed to support the product. The balanced spiral weave should be given first consideration as it is economical and appropriate for the majority of applications.

Chain driven belts also facilitate the use of special features such as retaining edges (Side-plates) and cross flights where applicable.


Chain Types

Transmission ChainTransmission Chain


Conveyor ChainConveyor Chain


Freezer ChainFreezer Chain









Selvedge Options

Welded Washer SelvedgeWelded Washer


Welded Rod SelvedgeWelded Rod Selvedge


Welded Nut Selvedge Welded Nut Selvedge


Cotter Pin Selvedge Split Pin And Washer




Chain Edge Data Sheet



Chain Edge Image 1

Chain Edge Image 2

Chain Edge Image 3