Rod Reinforced



A heavy-duty weave with a very high tensile strength combined with a low thermal capacity. This design of belt has a very good weight-to-load capacity ratio, and is used for the conveying of heavy loads especially at elevated temperatures to a maximum of 1150ºC.

This style of belt has a smooth carrying surface and a high density. It is available with either a welded or knuckled selvedge according to its permissible operating conditions. Applications include sintering, annealing, brazing, hardening and tempering processes



Chain Edged Balanced spiralCLR Duplex –Duplex Product Page


Selvedge Options

Welded (CLR-W In/Out)

Welded (CLR-W In Line Edge)

Welded (CLR-W Bent Pin)

Knuckled with U (CLR-KU)




Balanced Spiral Image 1